Admission Open
Every year, Southern Academy – VIE offers twelve intake dates for students which fall on the months of January, February, April, May, June, July, September, October, and November. The range of options makes it easy for interested students to plan when to best start their studies at Southern Academy. Having several intake dates to choose from makes the transition to higher studies more convenient. Download application form. VIE Application Form  
  • Complete and return the Application for Enrolment form, together with necessary documents and Application Fee. The Application Fee may be paid by cash, cheque or credit card or direct deposit.
  • Our Admission Officer will send you a letter of acknowledgement and receipt as well as information about when to expect an enrolment interview.
  • The College will issue a letter of offer following your enrolment assessment.
Contact our Admission Department Southern Academy ensures that all students who gain access into a Nationally Accredited Program have the appropriate skills and abilities they require to be successful in their studies. Each course has specific entry requirements as listed in the course information sheet for the particular course. You can obtain a copy, of course, information sheet under courses section of our website. We will assist you with Admissions into your chosen program and will guide you through the admissions process. If you have any questions with regards to Admissions, please speak to the Marketing and Admissions Team or see the Institute’s Student Entry Requirements, Selection, Enrolment and Orientation Policy. You can view our whole intake date chart from Intake Dates